codeIndore( )

September 22
Indore, India

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codeIndore( ) is a student technical community for the students in Indore

This hackathon is part of Invento, the annual tech fest of IET, DAVV

Come and join over 100 like-minded students during a day to make something amazing!

Please keep in mind our code of conduct.


Can I participate?

You must be at least 18 years old and a student,

How much does it cost?

The cost for attendance is Rs.100 per participant.
We will provide you with meals, swag, Wi-Fi and a workspace. Participation fee is waived for women participants

What should I bring?

Your laptop, phone, and chargers. You may bring a small pillow or blanket. Please check with us before bringing anything else
Please bring a valid ID for admission.

Where is it?

The event will be held in the M-Block of IET, Davv.

What about intellectual property?

We do not claim any rights on any of your intellectual property whatsoever.
Everything you create, at our hackathon or not, belongs to you. We do however encourage that you release the source code under an open-source license

I have another question...

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Our Team

Details of our organizing team will be updated soon here