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Upcoming Events

Event Type Date Location Description
Web development and git workshop | Computer Club SGSITS Workshop Oct 12, 2019 SGSITS, Indore Workshop on web development and git

Previous Events

Event Type Date Location Description
Startup Weekend Indore Hackathon Sep 27, 2019 EngineerBabu, Indore 54-hour event to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups!
Hackvento'19 Hackathon Hackathon Sep 27, 2019 IET DAVV, Indore 12 hours long Hackathon
DevFest'19 | GDG Indore Conference Sep 22, 2019 Amber Gardens, Indore Tech Conference with speakers from around the globe
MLH Localhost: Build and Deploy your first Website Workshop Aug 17, 2019 IIPS, DAVV, Indore Workshop on how to build and deploy your first website
MLH Localhost: Hack the Technical Interview Workshop Jul 29, 2019 IIPS, DAVV, Indore Workshop on how to ace technical interviews by practicing algorithms!
Whiteboard Interview Practice Mock Interview Jul 18, 2019 IIPS DAVV, Indore A mock whiteboard interview practice
SummerHacks Hackathon Jun 29, 2019 EngineerBabu, Indore An overnight student hackathon
Mock Interview Practice Mock Interview Jun 08, 2019 IIPS DAVV, Indore A mock interview with real technical recruiters
IWD Indore | GDG Indore Conference Apr 07, 2019 Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore A celebration of International Women's Day for the women in tech
HackCoopers Hackathon Mar 16, 2019 TechCoopers, Indore An 18 hours student hackathon
WiDS Indore Conference Mar 16, 2019 Impetus, Indore A conference supporting the Women in Data Science
Google Cloud Study Jam Workshop Mar 02, 2019 IIPS DAVV, Indore Introduction to Docker and Kubernetes on the Google Cloud
RE.T3CH 2.0 Hackathon Feb 15, 2019 IIPS DAVV, Indore A 12 hour college hackathon
JavaScript Workshop Workshop Jan 28, 2019 IIPS DAVV, Indore Introduction to JavaScript and its frameworks
Building Voice Apps Workshop Jan 27, 2019 Sky Spaces Co-working, Indore Building voice based interactive applications
Hour of Code 2018 Workshop Dec 29, 2018 Faith Foundation Global School, Dewas Introducing programming to school students in an hour of code
MLH Local Hack Day 2018 Hackathon Dec 02, 2018 WittyFeed, Indore A day of collaborative programming
CodeFest'18 Hackathon | GDG Indore Hackathon Nov 17, 2018 Impetus, Indore 10 hours long competitive coding competition
RE.T3CH Hackathon Oct 30, 2018 IIPS DAVV, Indore An Amazing Race inspired college hackathon
Hacktoberfest Primer Meetup Oct 07, 2018 WittyFeed, Indore Introduction to opensource and first contributions
#HackIndore Hackathon Sep 28, 2018 GSITS, Indore 24 hours long student hackathon
Hackvento Hackathon Sep 22, 2018 IET DAVV, Indore 12 hour college hackathon during Invento
Let Us React Workshop Sep 16, 2018 WittyFeed, Indore Introductory workshop on React.js
Git and GitHub workshop | GDG Indore Workshop Aug 19, 2018 Adited 3.0, Indore A comprehensive workshop on git and GitHub
Git and GitHub workshop Workshop Jun 24, 2018 WittyFeed, Indore A short workshop on git and GitHub